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Playing with the interaction of motion and sound

Put together in photoshop by playing with the transparency effects between layers. The images used are self portrait photos of me and photos of abstract paintings that I created.


Facebook Cover photos:

Highschool work:

colored pencil drawing on black paper

contour drawing with micron pens and sharpie

These are some pieces from my AP Portfolio concentration

I started out drawing deities of Asian religions and working with symbols relating to them. As I worked, I found patterns within the gods themselves. I took pictures of deity statues and created patterns with them in Photoshop, using different techniques. All the images used were either taken or drawn by me. 
I explored creating patterns for the background in my digitals. As I created each background I started to see the subject as a pattern and began to incorporate the subject into the pattern. Radial symmetry, as seen in some of these pieces, helped emphasize balance in my works. One of the early problems I had with my concentration was discovering a color scheme that unified all of my images. At first I thought each piece would contain different colors to represent the distinction in the deities. After multiple changes, I found a set of inverse colors that worked well with all of my digitals. Through this concentration, I learned how to use the art elements and design principles, especially pattern, rhythm, unity, and balance to help create graphic designs.